Become a donor and be a part of the medical innovations & breakthroughs shaping modern medicine today.

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Whole Body Donation is a Gift

Body donation for medical education and disease research impacts everyone's quality of life.

Research For Life is a whole body donation organization working to bridge the gap between donors and the medical educators and disease researchers developing solutions for a more advanced “tomorrow”.

Through our work, we have helped to change the lives of thousands of families and continue to support the efforts of discovering innovative solutions, substantive therapies, educational training and techniques in the versatile field of medicine.

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To Benefit Humanity

Body donation is a real end of life option.

Whether you are ready to pre-register through our Donor Program, want to register to join the community of thousands of others who have decided to donate their body to make a difference, or have an immediate need to report a death – Research For Life is with you every step of the way.

All our programs offer a no-cost service for: transportation, cremation and return of cremated remains, if chosen. We help donors and their loved ones fulfill their wish to aid researchers, educators, and clinicians in advancing science and medicine.

Bereavement Counseling

The Importance of Accreditation in the Whole Body Donor Industry

This video explores the differences between accreditation and non-accreditation and why it is important to choose an AATB-accredited organization when you are researching whole body donation.

Protecting Our Mind: Where We Stand Against Our Fight With Alzheimer’s

Sometimes the fight against Alzheimer’s can feel endless but with dedicated research and studies, we are seeing progression in a variety of areas to at least help manage this disease.

Some Compelling Reasons to Consider Donating your Body to Science

Anatomical donation is an alternative to traditional funeral arrangements that has the power to impact the quality of medical care and breakthroughs for generations to come.

Licenses & Accreditation