Guaranteed Donor Program

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We were the first program to initiate a guaranteed donor acceptance after approval.

Patients referred to Research For Life through this program are guaranteed to be accepted at the time of death even if their health conditions should change. We do this to show that our commitment is about honoring and respecting the gift that has been offered and honoring the relationship between the hospice, the donor, and their family. Giving the donor and their family the peace of mind they need during the difficult times they face together is just the right thing to do.

When you register with the Research for Life Guaranteed Donor Program, we will ask some basic health history questions. Once accepted, acceptance is guaranteed and put it writing. Once accepted, acceptance never expires.

How it works

(1) The donor, family member, or healthcare provider can start the registration process by calling Research For Life at 800.229.3244.

(2) Apply for the program by completing our Donor Registration Packet. Research For Life staff members are available to assist you with as much paperwork as is legally permissible and to answer any questions you may have. If acceptance is urgent, please call us at 800.229.3244.

(3) Once your registration has been accepted, Research For Life will mail an acceptance letter with registration number, a donor ID card for your wallet, and a copy of the registration packet for you records in approximately 2 weeks. We ask that you share this information with your family or parties responsible for your arrangements so that your wish to donate is honored when the need arises.

(4) At the time of death, Research For Life will arrange for transportation and cremation. Tissue not recovered for research and education is cremated and final disposition for the cremated remains are carried out according to the donor’s wishes.

See if you or your loved one qualifies & gain the peace of mind deserved at a time of loss. Click here to complete our donor registration packet

Please note there are certain conditions that shall result in a denial of the acceptance of a donor into our Guaranteed Donor Program.

  • Death occurs outside Research For Life’s service area (Arizona and Southern California excluding some rural areas).
  • Moving outside Research For Life’s service area voids the guarantee.
  • Failure to notify Research For Life within 48 hours of death or improper refrigeration of remains by a third party.

We call it our Guaranteed Donor Program and it’s our commitment to you and your family to follow through with your wishes. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when losing someone we love.  Planning is important, share your wishes by telling family and friends about your decision to be a donor with Research For Life.

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